Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birth & Baby Works

I just wanted to say that I finished my Doula training! It was so fun to go back to "school" and learn about something I love:) I already have a couple clients!!! I hope 2011 is a good year for pregnant woman that want support on their special delivery day!
If you have questions or just want to talk to someone that loves talking about labor and delivery please call me or comment on here! I also started a "Doula" blog! It is still under constructon but I have a name for my business! Under favorite sites you can link to it. Have a wonderful hoilday season!


Pace and Juliana said...

I love talking about labor and delivery :)

I'm planing a home birth in the Mesa area for my next baby (probably a 2012 baby) and had to search out a doctor that would do it (since I had a c-section and by law AZ doesn't allow midwives to attend a VBAC) well, I found two so hopefully that works out and I can have a home birth... but if for some reason I end up having to give birth in a hospital I will give you a call!

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