Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birth & Baby Works

I just wanted to say that I finished my Doula training! It was so fun to go back to "school" and learn about something I love:) I already have a couple clients!!! I hope 2011 is a good year for pregnant woman that want support on their special delivery day!
If you have questions or just want to talk to someone that loves talking about labor and delivery please call me or comment on here! I also started a "Doula" blog! It is still under constructon but I have a name for my business! Under favorite sites you can link to it. Have a wonderful hoilday season!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maggie and Dallin

I took my mom out to dinner last night as a thank you for staying up til 4:30am to make me a skirt for family pictures. We had a great time at Texas Road House and then I took her to Sub 0 icecream (very yummy)! After that we went to visit with my mom's cousin and her daughter that just moved here. It was fun getting to know then and chatting for a while!

When I came home I went to give my kiddos a kiss good night and tuck them in. I found Dallin sleeping in bed with Maggie. Abram said that Dallin got out of bed a couple times but he didn't know Dallin had gone into the girls room. Abram then said this is why we need another boy in the family so that Dallin has a roommate too!  I thought this was such a sweet picture I just had to share!

Thank you Abram for getting the kids to bed while I went out and got a little break!
I love My Family!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have such a great time at Fossil Creek! It has changed a bit but still great! The water was even a tad bit warmer than it usually is! Both my girls did a little cliff jumping and so did our friends girls! I'm so grateful to Abrams Gma Carrie for letting us use her cabin and making this little day trip possible for our family!
Amalee acting like Gma Carrie with her glasses and trying to do a cross word puzzle! So silly!!!
This was our first time going to the Strawberry School House. It is the oldest School in AZ. The kids had so much fun sitting in the desks writing on the chalk boards!

Amalee thought it was funny to sit in the corner with the Dunce cap on.
 I just love her fake grumpy face!
The totem poll on fossil creek road. The kids think this is so cool every time we drive by it!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random Cuteness

So while we were waiting for Abram to get back to watch a movie our kids decided to curl up on our bed and wait. Well it wasn't long before they all fell asleep! What an easy way to put kids to bed!!!
I just love when the kiddos are nice to eachother! Here is Maggie and Dallin coloring together~ So sweet:)
My cute little lovebugs!

Amalee Graduated Preschool!!!

I am so proud of my little Amalee! She graduated from Preschool and is so excited to start kindergarden! She has learned so much! She can write her name, knows all her abc's along with the sounds, knows her #'s to 100, is reading, and of course knows her colors and shapes!

In this first picture she is showing off her fly costume! At the graduation they all did a skit "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly." She had so much fun!

Here she just recieved her little diploma! She even got to keep her tassel!
My sweet little 5 year old! I can't believe she is growing so fast! I'm amazed and so pround of her and all she want to do and learn!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dallin the bunny

So the other day I was cleaning out Foo Foo's cage. When I came back inside this is what I found...
He thought he was so funny! Every time I would take him out to out Foo Foo back in he would just climb back in laughing.


Maggie is doing a flip over the bar. They teach the little ones how to by having them walk up the mat then push off and flip over. Maggie loved doing it!
Amalee is stretching into the splits and standing on her tip toes on the balance beam!

So Abram and I have been talking about what we should put Amalee in since she is so petite. We decided that she is the perfece fit for gymnastics! Maggie of course wants to be just like her big sister so we put her in it too. Ms. Chelsea (Maggie's teacher) said that Maggie is a natural at it and will move up quickly. Right now she is in the pre-school class. Amalee was also good at what she was doing as long as she wasn't looking for me. She is in the level 1 class with Summer Jo her cousin! When Amalee was on the trampoline the owner of the gym was watching her and amazed at how springy she was and still able to keep her legs and arms together! Amalee is so excited to be doing this. She asks every day if she gets to go again today? Her classes are on Wed. and Sat.